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Q2 2006

Outgrowing the Grateful Dead


Will San Franciscans be watched?

The Start Button changes


Naked bodies are in – unless you’re caught

Scammers have your number


PayPal veterans continue the march


Almost ready for prime time

 (1806mbm links)


Spotting shots heard ‘round the city

Britain won’t standby

A conversation starter

CrazyBusy – Strategies for coping in a world gone ADD

Making your web site more usable

Learn Spanish

Defend your office

Your neighborhood bookstore may be online

Traveling with friends

The scoop on the next Indiana Jones film

(1606mbm links)


Click and print your own robot

Your fired stories

Testing your patience and humor

Small Businesses are no longer locked out


A portable PC that needs a crank

The robot capital of the world

Secret passageways in your home

Searching for love in all the wrong places

 Your music; their toil

The Ultimate to-do list


(1506mbm links)


Help out the bookworms

A Database of Celebrations

Wikipedia editing revisions

Faster seating on your favorite flight

A swap meet on the Internet

TiVo OnDemand

Consumers getting more social

Microsoft beefs up security options for Windows

Teens spending time ‘socializing’ online

(1406mbm links)


An experiment of math and art

A labor-intensive gadget

Traveling to the picnic

Apple iTunes Music Store being asked to open to other players besides iPod

Little computer that packs a lot of punch

Exterminate blood-thirsty pests

Need a free photo?

The spreadsheet wars have begun

Broadband spurs web creation for the masses

Office of the future

(1306mbm links)


Big Fat Answer to the Interactive Web Conundrum

How ‘bout some virtual reality?

National Hunger Awareness Day

Sharing your life on the Internet

Separating medical stress from financial stress

Turn your TV into a masterpiece

The ingredients of a literary mag

Experiencing HDTV to the Max

Spam And Spyware Come To MySpace

Your digital universe in your pocket

Migo Mobility software for USB

Kingston DataTraveler Family of USB Flash Drives

(1206mbm links)


Do you know what’s cool?


Is your computer ready for Windows Vista?


Paypal payment via text messaging


Condoleeza Rice Pudding and Janet Jackson Breast Cupcakes


Forget the games and turn on the TV


Excel-lent artwork


Most useless new products


Put on your thinking caps. It’s time to start traveling smarter.

An inside look at your favorite kitchens


PCs take notes with a stylus

(1106mbm links)


Rock your space


You can’t skip the commercials


Photo buckets of fun


Interesting words - one day at a time


Transferring files to the net


Figure yourself out


Escape to Bob’s office


For yachting in Seychelles or horseback riding in India and other luxury excursions


Shortening those Internet addresses


Disks that are less fractured than ever

(1006mbm links)


Grandma should get her hands on this


Internet vending machine


Wish you weren’t at the office?


The Las Vegas parents have been waiting for


Small business accounting becomes easier than ever


Second only to sleeping in


Don’t burst the bubble


Keeping your web pages cool


Are you the next Ace, Paris, Taylor, Cat or Kelly?


A solution for the lack of three prong outlets

(0906mbm links)


Wishing you were a kid again


Radio Frequency ID chips and your passport


Is no news good news?


Your Entire Browser Window On Your Clipboard


More than disks


A gin and tonic served with a slice of humor


The fun of snail mail


Your Dog is Suffering From Cabin Fever


That alarm clock with the Teddy Bear attached - revisited


Remote brought to new heights

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