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During the Day

During the day, David assumes the role of meek and mild (yeah! right.) President of Just Between Friends. In this role, he helps groups throughout the nation through a web-based platform for membership management, communications and group-fundraising. While setting the product direction and steering the company, he is also the primary point of contact for investors who are interested in growing companies in this space.

Then, when it's time to reveal what's underneath, he writes a weekly business/technology column for a major city newspaper, and occasionally shows up on TV or radio. It's sort of in the same model as Superman and Clark Kent.

Wait; either Superman has it backwards or David does! You figure it out. Clark Kent quit his reporter job at the Daily Planet. In his column, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, David supposes whether Clark Kent can make it as a VC, Angel, blogger or web-entrepreneur.


David's Twitter Feed

Want to keep up with David's reviews, ideas, and suggestions? Simply follow him on Twitter. In addition to keeping you informed about his latest columns, he often tweets about unique items of interest several times each week.

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A Microsoft-Office tip that eluded me


Hidden Beatles

In a >recent column about the now seemingly settled battle between The Beatles' Apple and Steve Jobs' Apple (a long and winding road that went through the courts), I hid Beatles songs titles. Many tried to name them; but the closest still missed two hidden titles. I guess it's time to reveal the answers.

Links From My Column

David says: If you have come to this website to find a link mentioned in my newspaper or magazine columns, look on my links page.

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