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Links from radio shows prior to 2004 (that we still remember -- and want to remember)

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Air Dates: December 22, 2003 through January 2, 2004





Air Dates: December 8, 2003 through December 21, 2003





Air Dates: November 24, 2003 through December 5, 2003



The Grand Challenge

Stop Thief


The Red Ribbons

(this was actually put together in 2001 - but is still a great resource)


Write To Enter


Both Sides Now


Remembering Pearl Harbor





Air Dates: November 10, 2003 through November 23, 2003


Beyond the laptop case


This is one of the few, truly indispensible products on the market.

Flip it sideways

Smoke Out




Portable Keyboards






Air Dates: October 27, 2003 through November 7, 2003



Mega Printer


Lite show


Election Day



Air Dates: October 13, 2003 through October 26, 2003


Learn To Write Viruses

Comparing Cell Phones and Calling Plans

Your Spending Habits

How do you compare with other people like you - when it comes to spending?

Retaliate Against Spammers

Here's a game that is fun to play

Here's a service that will make it seem like the spam doesn't even exist.

Games, Games, Games

Remove Me!

  • 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)


Air Dates: September 29, 2003 through October 12, 2003


Elementary, my dear

True Space Saver

Power Outages

The Power of portable

Disney in Real Time

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi

Monkee Around






Air Dates: September 15, 2003 through September 28, 2003


Johnny Jet Travels

Travel web sites don't get any more comprehensive than this.  And if you don't want to read it on your computer monitor, you can buy the book, which adds great value to the travelling experience.  A must see for frequent travellers or occasional travellers.

Internet Telephones

I like the concept.  But the economics have changed, making them difficult to justify for a lot of people.  If you use IP telephony, go to my contact page and let me know what you think of your service - no matter what vendor - and whether it is worth the money.  I'll share some of your comments with Megabyte Minute Tip Letter readers.

Flaming Text

Great name for a web site.  Some interesting items are available there too.

How Much Charge

BatMemTime is a battery, memory and storage card monitor for the Today Screen. It displays a graph for each item and can be customized in color and appearance. You can choose to estimate remaining battery time based on average values or current power use. It's FREE!

One Unwired Day

On September 25 - for one unwired day only - you'll be able to take your PDA or laptop to hotspots throughout the world and connect via Wi-Fi (802.11b).


Change your HEX codes to RGB (red-green-blue) or vice versa.  This one is a definite for your your favorites list.  Comes in handy often - for designing web pages, using graphics software and doing other design work.

Plus you can buy pre-made web page templates.  Some are very nice, indeed.


Air Dates: September 1, 2003 through September 14, 2003


Slick Gimmick

Who Uses Broadbank?

Shall We Blog?


Census Data

Inventory Clout

Stuck In Traffic

Look Inside the Book


Weapons of Mass Destruction

Note1: When you leave the page listed in this link, you'll probably get a dialog box pop-up ad. If that bothers you, don't go there.

Note 2: Don't be confused when you get there.  You did not get an error.  That's the way it is supposed to look.  Just read it to understand.

The Panda Challenge



Air Dates: August 18, 2003 through August 31, 2003


Disruptions Worldwide

Not TiVo! - Replay TV

David's note: My thanks to all those listeners who heard me incorrectly identify Replay TV as TiVo in this week's Megabyte Minute.  Replay TV is pulling features to toe the line with entertainment industry executives.  My apologies to TiVo.

Casual or Frequent

A Svelte Handspring

Ubiquitous Air Mail


eBay Shipping Calculator


Faster Net


I saw them



Air Dates: August 4, 2003 through August 17, 2003


Microsoft Goes Mobile

Media Distaster - AOL Time Warner

Trade Bonds

Don't Miss Your Favorite TV Show

For Gadget Freaks

Spending For Technology

Who Should You Trust



Air Dates: July 21, 2003 through August 3, 2003


Fighting Bull (in your presentations)

Add-on GPS

True Films

  • Budweiser - This is a beer brewer, and should be visited by mature individuals only, please.

Wear Your Camera

Not Windows This Time

Additional Radio Appearance:  In addition to David's normal daily features, this week, he appears on Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline.

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Air Dates: July 7, 2003 through July 20, 2003


Learn To Write Viruses


Move Over Music

The Battle For UNIX


Hatch Says Destroy The Computer

  • ComputerWorld:

    Hatch: Download pirated data, see your computer destroyed

Like A Cyborg


Microsoft Takes Preventive Action


Auctions for Small Business

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Air Dates: June 23, 2003 through July 6, 2003


The Clearest Camcorder Ever

Lots of Job Seekers

Today in History (Independence Day)

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Air Dates: June 9, 2003 through June 20, 2003

Gamer Magazines


Spam Avoidance for small companies


Windows 2003


Lost Email


Direct from Germany

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Air Dates: May 26, 2003 through June 6, 2003

Fun in flight


Remove Me!

1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)

Heavily Used By African-American Audiences


The Hiring Gateway

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Air Dates: May 12, 2003 through May 23, 2003

Rent your software


TV up to date


Driver Guide


How the chips fall


Dynamic Systems Initiative

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Air Dates: April 14, 2003 through May 9, 2003

Games, Games, Games


Remember The Luggable

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Air Dates: Mar 31, 2003 through April 11, 2003

Russia, NATO and Microsoft


Downhill in Silicon Valley



New Yorkers Spammed and Inflamed


A leg up in the job market



Return To Technology


Gimme That Keyboard


Jammin' GPS


Positively Broadband


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Air Dates: Mar 17, 2003 through Mar 28, 2003

Wearing The Green



Multipath Exposed

Imagination at Work


Java's Hot

Taxes - up in smoke

Your Right To Know

Going On A Safari

Terrorist Threat Ruins Company

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Air Dates: Mar 3, 2003 through Mar 14, 2003

Is the tradional copyright dead?

  • Open Content - where you can get freely available open-source content




The Emergence of Consumer Electronics

Fighting Back

The PanIP Group Defense Fund - a group of companies who are banding together to fight two patents that are being used to sue companies who conduct web sales.

Insuring Your Kids' Computer

Big Wins From Microsoft


Getting Into College



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Air Dates: Feb 17, 2003 through Feb 28, 2003

Demo The Future

E Rate Fraud

Vouchers for Microsoft Software

Possible Military Identity Theft

Daily Jolt

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Air Dates: Feb 3, 2003 through Feb 14, 2003

Dawson's Creek CD

The producers of the TV show, Dawson's Creek, have made it possible to create your own CD with music from the show's soundtrack.

Stackable PC Components

Here's a new twist on PCs for your home: PCs that come in components like your home stereo.

Banished to the Streets of San Francisco

The Scooter of that was last year's darling was snubbed by San Franciscans. Does it still have a chance?

Impressive Follow Up

If you give Harry and David the email address of the person to whom you're sending your gift, they'll send a confirming email to make sure that if the gift does not arrive on time or in good shape, the intended recipient can follow up.

The Computer As A Mood Ring

Here's a patent application filed with Apple Computer as the assignee. It looks to foreshadow a computer that can change color whenever the user wants.

Fund Raising Ideas

Internet FAQ

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Air Dates: Jan 20, 2003 through Jan 31, 2003

Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday

Comparing Cell Phones and Calling Plans


Reducing Your Debt

Ignore that spam messages that offer you debt reduction. You don't know which come from reputable sources (if any). If you want to find a reputable counselor to help you reduce your debt, do a member search at the NFCC.

Your Spending Habits

How do you compare with other people like you - when it comes to spending?

Retaliate Against Spammers

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Air Dates: January 6 through 17, 2003

Palm's Enhanced Product Line

Mel Gibson

To Be or Not To Be

Better Driving In Bad Weather

Driver Education - the high tech way

Bring On The Skiing!

    popular Rocky Mountain destinations

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Air Dates: Dec 23,2002 through Jan 3, 2003

Warner Cards

End of Year Tax

Print out folder lists

  • STG FolderPrint Plus
    This is a cool utility that will help you print those folder lists from your computer.

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