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Links from recent radio shows

(1507- 6 BO)

Best Places at your fingertips

Traveling light has always been a challenge

  • IGO            


Phone calls beat music players


What makes popcorn pop


Tracking teens with their cell phones


The Big Apple as it must be seen

Create your own slogan


Easy backups while you work


Faster clicks on your digital camera


(1307- 10 BO)

It should be in a museum

The newest classifieds

Making lemonade out of legal lemons

The most ethical companies

Acting like Bill

Marry a billion

Staying online

Finding the right frequency

Dehyphenated email

(1207mbm links)

Don't hang up

Lilting lyrics online

Defining your world offline


AdWords on the hotseat again

(Notice the ads on the top and right side (called sponsored links).  Those are AdWords ads.

Who's really responsible


Indirectly from Dell 

MySpace socializes China

Teens and privacy

Who’s really the leader

Avoiding Voice mail hell

(1107mbm links)


A spectrum for safety

The perils of connectivity

Putting the brakes on accidents

Cultural Schism

Europe to Chomp on Apple

Security gets more difficult

Stalkers go high tech

DVD Patent Suits

Misusing Student Data


Caution: while most of this website is tame, there are a few items that could make you blush and aren’t suitable for youngsters.

(1007mbm links)

Full Albums

The Google Phone

You're the only winner for now

Old ways: One / Tech: Zero

Rewirting history

Show me your student ID

Cheers – for Mayday Malone

The best tech product of all time


I'm free

(0907mbm links)


New XBOX hits new heights

Beyond cost per click

High Speed Internet TV

Wanna lease a toll road?

Lucky Friday this month (paraskevidekatriaphobia – fear of Friday the 13th)

Hot Enough for you?

Plush toys go online

Microsoft suing cybersquatters

Headset heaven

Right on Q


(0807mbm links)


Operation Spamalot protects investors

Flashy Computers

Hot spot phone calls

No more shhhhh I’m talking

Power travelling

TV downloads with a new wrinkle

Pocket TV

(0707mbm links)


Making sense of March Madness

Insult the nation, go to jail

I am not a crook

Don't Beware the Ides of March

Where's The Parade?

The labels target university students

Don’t mess with MySpace

Wireless by choice

(0607mbm links)


Changing Cisco

Where’s the camera?

Don’t rush; her plane is late

Monetizing your podcast

HP enters the crowded cell phone market

Government subsidies for broadband

Old Skype phone software tracked computer info

Paper says Google employees help software pirates

Seven foot four – and 3 dimensions

Saving you from daylight savings

(0507mbm links)


The FOX in the henhouse

Another way to download music

What goes on with the Beatles

Europe trying to take a bite out of Apple

More secure doesn't mean completely secure

The other side of Presidents Day

Addiction going up in smoke

Does MySpace really mean my big brother

Your money speaks – to someone else

Wired for speed

Placing wires atop transistors could lead to faster and cheaper electronic products

(0407mbm links)

Windows like Glass


You didn’t know Jack – until now

Little secrets in big presentations

Preserving Internet Freedom

Bright, beautiful and yours to watch

An unfamiliar office

The key to protection

Eight million and counting

Gates says connect


Will adults choose the direction again?

(0207mbm links)


Wii Have a Problem

Former VP clears Apple Founder 

Negotiating In Advance

The Free Library helps lock a man up

From Santa Rosa to your desktop

Online Sex Scandal goes to court

Will new browser icon favor large vendors?

Darryl Hannah’s secret love life

Sony is ready to pay you


(0107mbm links)


From CD tune to Ringtone


Open for mortgages

Games jockey for the lead

Living without Instant Messenger

Breaking up is easy to do 

Strapless by Accident

Pre-texting- get used to hearing about it

Ruling on discriminatory ads

(0107mbm links)

Free cell phone service

Microsoft expects two big players

Comparing Electronic Game Consoles

Free money to swipe

The Wikipedia Chinese Challenge

Christmas Blogging

Taking a billion dollar gamble

The man from uncle went solo

One digit can slow you down dramatically

Maximum Beatles

(2606mbm links)


Nothing is safe from this

A new type of camp

Arm wrestling over video control

Worse than video game violence

Photos like Bill Gates’ Mansion

Not so private parts

T-squared makes good

Kids can capitalize on the system

A new twist on the wire money scam

Will your cell phone betray your trust?

(2506mbm links)


The ultimate mobile security


Leave home with confidence

A new silicon valley


The world is flat


They want to pay up


Television and Autism


No more wet heads


Spamhaus may fall


(2406mbm links)

Search Better


Politcal Bombs


Say Hallelujah


An Automatic Browser


Impossible is Nothing




Losing that home grown flavor


Role Reversal


Walkman Riseth

(2306mbm links)


Brilliant but Cancelled


Still growing


Fast Talkers


They've outnumbered us


Should Microsoft acquire Yahoo!?


Skip the PC


Lonelier than ever


Unbanned in Boston and elsewhere


A reward for wronged AOL users


Caught with their pants down

(2206mbm links)


Sucking in bacteria


Large scale war on cyber-attacks


Will they fool the teacher, though


Yum, Chocolate


Bright when you need it


Two hot vices


Hide in plain sight (or more appropriately plain ‘site’?)


Student tool adds strength



 (2106mbm links)


Healthy food – from coast to coast


Facebook faces the facts


Google positioning for the charge


Google – friend to TV


Steamy bedroom scene removed


Another threat to Apple


The best time to buy that airplane ticket


Harder than ever for Microsoft


Will Gates testify?

 (2006mbm links)


Is your laptop unsafe?


The next big computer battle


The death of the wedding singer?


Wait or Buy?


More news from the toilet




Easier than the Nautilus circuit


Ad-supported textbooks


Simple idea for iPod users


Too much money at Google


 (1906mbm links)




Links from previously broadcast

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