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Selected Web Sites Mentioned OnAir

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Q4 2004


Car Gadgets


Play by Play Helmets



Satire takes over the news


Kick it into stealth mode



Sharing the celebration remotely



Picking Up the Pieces




You have to hear what Iím reading


Automarking the Vote


Removing the risk of computer failure




Smarter than the Average Board



Internet Child Chip




From the previous generation's imagination


Online Renting


Taxi Terminals


Your Virtual Dream Date


Tiny Wireless Card let's you put it on your cluttered PDA




Just Between Friends

Our highest rating (of course) for software that will make your personal life easier -- during the holidays and year-round

The man in seat 61

Time off that actually pays


A dictionary of nonsense


Ditching those stodgy ol' boxed Christmas Cards



Go ahead and walk off that turkey at the mall

The biggest shopping day of the year is not the one you think


Get your kicks on world 66


The air is your instrument


And you think itís cold here


More Motivating Than Sitting On Santa's Lap





The (almost) Naked Cowboy's Photo Album





Hollywood Stock Exchange


Hyperactive Bob


Games That Look Like Real Games



Go Club




A Novel Idea




The Next Great Jump in Telephone Usability




Not hearing loud and clear


A good walk spoiled

I kid you not.  This is a serious web site. 

Are you an American?


A real smart cart


The book of blog



More time for hotdogs and bumper cars


A quoteable site

Get Me Home


Taking it to the streets


(2104mbm - Oct 11-22, 2004)



Q3 2004


Chill Out With Chillow


Did They or Didnít They?


Fashionable Phones


Where the Surfers Go


Please State Your Password


Exercising Your Childís Brain


Lip-reading the Phone


Drop, Buy, Sell






Airline Retrenchments

If you're following the ongoing saga of airline reorganizations, chapter 11 filings, and related matters - such as the states of USAirways, United, and Delta Airlines, here's a great set of statistics, compiled by the United States Federal Aviation Administration

Here's another good source of data, from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  In some of the stats here, you can see the stats in graphical charts.

The Airports Council International also publishes plenty of data - and it's fast & easy to access.  To bad that their members aren't in the happiest spirits as the industry goes through its current hardship.


Take it back


Growing up in prison


Whatís on stage?


No weíre not there yet


Ganging up on gangs


Just do Toronto



Can you walk and click at the same time?


A broadband boom for travelers


How to give Starbucks a run for their money


Canít find it? Ask Mom.






Census Data

Motor On


The Party Planner


Portable Wi-Fi

Seeking a Signal

Advance Warnings


Itís a Sim-Life

Digital Theaters


Edited for Television

Pure Ingenious



Home is where the heart is

(1604MBM links)


A double shot for your inner writer


Look! Up in the sky!


A warm step for patriots


Travel is for everyone


Coming to your city- dodgeball


And once there were only seven


Art gone to the dogs


Worth being picked over



Some good feedback


Try the wasabi first

(1604mbm links)


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