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Selected Web Sites Mentioned OnAir

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Q2 2004

Pop-under ads that steal your bank passwords

A better defragmenter

You’re not paranoid, someone is watching you online


Stay hot anywhere


Just don’t get sand on your keyboard


It could save your life


DNA that fixes itself


Just what is that?


Wifi while you wait


Who said New Yorkers weren’t friendly?


A spot finder


From Ad Hoc to Warchalking


Belfast Learners

NASCAR scoring



New Wave of Shopping

New Popup Advertising


Mapping an Empire



A Match Made in Heaven



Search Engine Specifics



Phishing for Fresh Fish



Live Music Lives On


Talking With the TV


In the key of MP3


The friendliest native


A tribute to a generation


Is that lipstick, or a camera?


Small places, hot topics


Internet In Memoriam


In the Mood…for stocks


Stepping into a Metropolis


A Ruben-esque year


Omaha , Utah and Paris



How do you spell embarrass?

Oops!  Although I know that Apple Computer launched iTunes, for some reason, on my June 16 Megabyte Minute, I mentioned Microsoft's iTunes.  Of course, there is only one iTunes; and it is not a Microsoft service -- at least not as of this writing.  Thanks to the gazillion listeners who kept their ears sharply tuned -- and picked up my gaff.  And my apologies.  It was one of those braindead moments.

    - David

A 3-D Ogre



Recycling Technology



A Site for Sore Ears


The Flexible USB


No Cash, No Checks, No Problem

Making Mini Music


Turning Up the Volume

Comparing Price Comparisons


Good Deed for the Day

Not Just the Half of It

Sasser Worm

Best Buddies


Bring your own soap

A great tipper

How do you say, breaking news in Spanish?


Johannesburg comes to Elvis


Mission possible


Do you take this Weirdo…?


A devilish friend

Man of 1,000 Emotions


London in the desert


Counterfeit FDIC Scam

Reporting a lost or stolen credit card

Smelling your PC

Whose Mom Is It Anyway?

Radio Your Way

Being Froogle at the store

TV Turnoff

MIT Performs




Q1 2004

For Dummies

Internet Movie Database

Ripe for the Picking

Mini Racetrack

Pocket Informant

I use PI myself.  It makes the Pocket PC worth having. (DR)

Movie Glimpses

Going beyond Spell check in your Word processor

Wierd Al

World Economic Forum

Valentine's Day for Kids and Adults

Easy Finances for Small Business

Home Improvement

Speed Dating

Leukemia - Amy & Cara's Stories

Phone Cam Art



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