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Hidden Beatles

In a recent column about the battle between The Beatles and Steve Jobs (otherwise known as the battle between Apple and Apple), I hid songs titles. Many tried to name them; but the closest still missed two hidden titles. I guess it's time to reveal the answers.

The songs I expected you to know:

  • We Can Work It Out
  • The long and Winding Road
  • The End
  • All Things Must Pass.
    (okay, so it actually came out on a George Harrison album. But it wasn't a stumper)
  • Get Back
  • It Won’t Be Long
  • Here, There and Everywhere
  • Rock & Roll Music (Written by Chuck Berry; covered by The Beatles)
  • Any Time At All
  • Something
  • Tomorrow Never Knows.
  • I will
    (actually, this one turned out to be pretty well hidden)

Not hidden:

  • My Sweet Lord (George - post Beatles)
  • Photograph (Ringo - post Beatles)

The stumpers:

  • Glad All Over
    This is a Carl Perkins song recorded twice by the Beatles, but never made it onto an album by them. A few people thought I was confusing it with the song of the same name that was a hid by The Dave Clark Five -- which, coincidentally was the song that knocked I Want To Hold Your Hand out of the number one slot on the charts in early 1964.
  • Come and Get It
    You know the tune and probably have "If you want it here it is, come and get it" firmly plastered in the brain because it's so poppy. You think Badfinger; and you'd be right. Think harder. Badfinger was one of the first artists signed to Apple records, which is where the song was released. But that's not the most important Beatles connection. It was written by Paul McCartney. (Now that I mention it, it sounds a bit like a silly love song, doesn't it?) He recorded it himself in less than an hour in 1969. According to The Beatles Encyclopedia, John Lennon was in the studio when it was recorded. Rumor has it that it almost was recorded for Abbey Road. You might have heard it in the movie Magic Christain -- if you saw it, you'd have seen Ringo.

Congratulations to Alan Tignanelli, who came within two of getting them all. Nobody else came that close.

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